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Welcome to Arc-en-ciel Daycare of Portland, Oregon. We provide an in-home French language immersion daycare for infants and toddlers in NE Portland's Beaumont neighborhood.

We intend to provide the children and families we serve a safe, nurturing environment and an experience that is positive and conducive to social and cognitive development. One important part of that strategy is introducing the children to a second language. Our staff are fluent in French and endeavor to maintain as much as is practical a completely French language ambiance in their daily interaction with the children. This will foster the children's acquisition of and familiarity with the French language. Children at a very young age are much more able to pick up a second language than at any other stage of life, making this the time of greatest opportunity in their lives when exposure to a new language will give them the greatest return. It will bolster their later efforts with learning other languages and more generally give positive results with their cognitive development and learning in all academic areas. Learning an additional language at an early age is like a super-charger for the human mind. And for those parents who might ask if this will interfere with the children's acquisition of English, please be reassured it will not. It will only make them more conscious of the nature of language and ever sharper in their thinking.

The children depend on us to make their experience rewarding and their environment safe in every way possible. These early years in the lives of children are when their experiences will have the greatest potential effects on the rest of their lives. Doing our utmost to ensure the best results in their lives is our mission.

As a certified home daycare, we maintain a more attentive and intimate connection with our children than might be seen in larger-scale daycare models. Also the documentation and communication with parents of what happens with their children while at daycare is better achieved on this smaller scale. We want to emphasize the importance of keeping parents situationally aware of their children’s experience with us, and we hope this will give the parents a greater basis for feeling confidence in our program.

Arc-en-ciel was created with the hope of realizing an idealist dream of a daycare experience which captures all the best practical aspects of iconic daycare providers and which adds to them an extra attention to quality and detail of planning, materials, and intellectual stimulation. Collectively, we have had many years of involvement with other daycare providers and this empowers us at Arc-en-ciel with a higher standard to which to hold ourselves, not only of examples to be avoided, but also of what successes are celebrated elsewhere which we are resolved to incorporate into our own model. We are always open to our clients’ feedback and questions, and interested to add new materials and activities to our program. There is no end to helpful advice and ideas that will make our service better.

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